Hello family and friends!

Welcome to my blog. I’ve heard a lot of people make one when they live abroad, so I’m giving it a try! (This is also taking some time to write as I’m still learning the German keyboard, I’ll explain later). I will explain the meaning behind the blog’s name Dude Where’s My Bike? in a later post, but if you are interested just research the city of Münster (In Germany, that is, not to be confused with the city of Munster, Indiana).

As most of you know, I recently moved to Germany. Since the first time I travelled to Europe in 2013, it has been my dream to live abroad. Opportunities presented themselves and I thought “Hey, why not?!”. I absolutely love it in Germany, especially in my current city of Münster. However, if you really want to learn how to “adult”, move to a different country. The things I have learned in my first month here have really shown me how much I have to learn about life. But I’ve never felt more ready to jump right in to it.

This blog is going to be about everything I am experiencing in Germany. From learning the language to figuring out how the locks on doors work (which was a struggle for me! haha). I am going to talk about my difficulties and my successes, the differences between Germany and my home state of California, and everything in between. Please keep an open mind when reading, as this is all from my perspective and it’s my own space to share my thoughts (but does the First Amendment still apply outside of the Land of the Free…..?) Only kidding 😉

I have decided to share a photo of myself with my parents at the airport. I know my decision to move really had in impact on them, but I could not have done it without their continuous support and values they’ve taught me that have prepared me for this. I miss them very much. Sidebar: If you look closely at the black bag on my shoulder, my cat Abbey is inside. She also made the big move across the pond with me (because crazy cat ladies take their cats everywhere, right?) Also pictured is a photo from my arrival at Düsseldorf Airport with my boyfriend Benedikt. Yes, he is German, and I also could not have done any of this without him.

Thanks for checking it out! I will try to update as much as I can. Also if you have any questions or comments about anything, please reach out to me. But only if you have iMessage or WhatsApp because I do not have a German number yet.

Tschüss! (That’s the informal way of saying goodbye in German)



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